Free Mould and Damp Solutions for Tenants

We realise that it can be frustrating constantly complaining about your outstanding repairs to your landlord only to be told that ‘its your fault’ when you do eventually get a response.


We have over 30 years of experience working in the legal profession dealing with housing disrepair cases and believe that with our Help and the help of the qualified solicitors on our Panel of experienced law firms that we can help you get  those repairs carried out at long last.


Our aim is to listen to your problems and then wherever possible to come and look at your home by arranging an appointment to carry out an inspection and advise you of the best way forward in your particular case.


We will complete a report based on our findings and discuss this with you and if appropriate and with your agreement we will refer  your case to one of our Panel solicitors who will then contact you to discuss matters further and advise you the best way forward.


We realise how important it is to have healthy problem free home and our aim to help you achieve this as quickly and efficiently as possible.


How we can help you


Protect your children's health and reduce the chance of asthma, contact us and get rid of your damp and mould now.


We'll help make your rented accomodation feel like a home again and it won't cost you a penny. Find out how here.


Stop worrying about heating your home or having to open windows all the time. Contact us today and we'll get the problem solved.


Not only will we help you solve your mould and damp problems, we'll help you win the compensation to replace any damaged items.

Our friendly and experienced agents will discuss any questions you have at any  time so please do not hesitate to contact us here or on Facebook.


Thank you for coming and helping me fill out my form Ed and thank you for giving me some hope. I highly recommend this free service.

Brenda ( Brighton)

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